testimonials - you say it best


"I haven't made a purchase yet but I do plan on it. You have beautiful clothes as well as beautiful models and I just wanted to say Thank You for having models that look like me. I hate receiving catalogs in the mail with skinny women in them trying to sell me clothes. I don't know what it's going to look like on me so I either buy them and end up returning them or just don't make purchases. So Thank You again. I'm so grateful :)" T.M., via E-mail, July 2015

"Thank you , thank you, thank you for actually having beautiful, REAL plus sized models wearing your clothing on your site. You have beautiful women who aren't a size 12 (which other sites call plus size but could not actually wear any of the clothing in a plus size store) showing what your clothing actually looks like on someone my size. This is why this size 20 woman will be shopping at your site from now on." K.H., via E-mail, July 2015

"Love shopping here. Their plus styles are fabulous and comfortable. They have so many items that are 100% cotton." G.A., via Facebook, June 2015

"On the bright side, I never miss an opportunity to tell all of you at MiB how much I love your clothing. The pieces fit as though they were custom made just for me. The fabrics are wonderful and hold up to repeated washing. I get many compliments when wearing your clothing. And best of all (unlike other plus-size clothing catalogs) I never have to guess how something will look on me because I get to see it on a plus size model! This is the best decision ever made by MiB. Thank you, Thank You, and Thank You Yet Again." B.S., via E-mail, June 2015

"...I love MiB Plus Size by Making It Big! My goal is a totally MiB wardrobe and I'm NEARLY there." K.R., via Facebook, June 2015

"You get what you pay for. Yes the prices are high at MiB but the quality compares to no other manufacturer. I have blouses that I have paid $85 - $120 for and after 15 years of wear they still look as good as the first day I wore them." C.S., via Facebook, June 2015

"I will say for Making It Big's swim tops, they do last. I am still using the swim tops I bought 5 years ago. I love the coverage and support. They are an investment though." C.T., via Facebook, June 2015

"...I thought the same thing when I first started buying MiB back in 1999. I had purchased a few shirts with gift money before that but was pregnant at the time. The quality of the MiB clothing is superior to any other I've found. I STILL HAVE those shirts I bought in 1999! I still wear them. I have gotten rid of maybe 1 item along the way due to my own stupidity with laundry. So I invest in 1-2 shirts a year unless I get gift money and after all this time, my closet is filled with MiB from many generations of styles, all timeless and still in perfect condition." K.R., via Facebook, June 2015

"...I love MiB Plus Size by Making It Big! My goal is a totally MiB wardrobe and I'm NEARLY there." K.R., via Facebook, June 2015

"Just found you guys! Finally, beautiful clothes and LOVELY MODELS...THANK YOU. Just wish I had found you sooner..." A.M., via Email, May 2015

"I just wanted to compliment your use of real plus size women in your catalog. Your management should be commended for that decision. I think that's a really bold step and it is absolutely necessary." S.A., via Phone, May 2015

"I really love the MiB range - the colours, fabrics, the extra long tops. I am grateful to have found a store which caters so positively to plus size women AND ships internationally!" B.W., via E-mail, May 2015

"Thank you so much for your personal reply. I have been with you guys since your first advertisements on the web and though I cannot afford a lot of the blouses I would like to have, I get some when I can. There are no words to describe how valuable you are to the larger woman. Your patterns show that you understand the size problems of the larger woman and not just a large size, there are shapely issues that go with that larger size and your undies and other clothing have taken that into consideration. I used to order from another company that carries larger sizes, but their tops are too short, their panties do not take into consideration the shape of the larger lady, you wind up uncomfortable and feeling not quite covered." M.D., via E-mail, May 2015

"Your latest catalog is wonderful!!!! Your models ar